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The effects of your skin and age

In general, spicy fragrances are better suitable for people with darker skin, since they might not be very long lasting on whiter skin types. Persons who are a little bleaker may opt for woody or vanilla fragrances.

People with oilier skin are luckier when it comes to perfumes, since the oil of the skin may increase the longevity of fragrances and give off a stronger scent, whereas people with dryer skin do not have this advantage.

When you have passed middle age you can also try sweet scents. Due to hormonal fluctuations on these ages sweet fragrances might last longer on the skin. People in their 20’s can try dynamic, flowery scents while persons in their 30’s can opt for more sophisticated and heavier fragrances. Of course there is no such thing as the best wholesale perfume that is suitable for everyone. Perfume wholesale is a different industry than the retail business in this regard.

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